The Legal Stuff

 Posted by at 1:50 pm has one purpose…to provide information (hopefully in a positive, entertaining and informative manner) on how and why you might want to consider living as self sufficient a lifestyle as possible.  To do that legally, we are required to provide you with certain information regarding how we operate, and the various pages in the submenu below this page.

They make excellent reading…if you are an insomniac and need something to help you sleep.  If not, here is the short version:

We run by the Golden Rule.  We treat you, as a visitor, like we want to be treated when we visit other websites.  We…

  • DO NOT sell, rent, or give any of your information…name, email address, physical address, phone number, or any other information you give us…to ANYONE, unless you are a really bad person and we are compelled to by a warrant.
  • Specifically, we do not share any of your social information…Facebook access, Twitter access, or any other social media information…with anyone.
  • We DO have advertising on our site, and we may (but do not always) recieve compensation from the advertiser in the form of payment for ad space, commissions on sales made through our site, or in other form.

That pretty well defines…enjoy your visit to


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