Feb 272013
FOOD-don't ya just LOVE it?

My mom was a housewife most of my life, we were a steak and potatoes and banana split family.  Dad loved coca~cola and I enjoyed my share of Tab.  Dad worked at Lockheed, designing and building airplanes,  while Senator William Proxmire was campaigning against government spending, and space research.   Dad had to let many of his co-workers go, and for years was unsure of his own employment, on a daily basis. As a result [read more…]

Dec 072012
Many say Americans will waste less food in 2013: Will you?

Walmart made a step in the right direction a few years ago, when they changed company policy by upgrading their recycling program. Thank you, Walmart. I was fortunate enough to be able to watch it all unfold, in several stores.   Most of what I got to see, and I was  most interested in was, produce, meats, and the “Feeding America” program. To me, it was a beautiful sight, being able to actually witness one [read more…]

Dec 052012
Renewable Natural Gases? How... it takes too long to be renewable!

Renewable natural gas energy, that’s what we are talking about! How can that happen, you say?   It takes too long (millions of years) for natural gas to “renew”, what’s the gimmick? While we know it does take millions of years to “make” fossil natural gas; researchers are finding that by utilizing the (bio)gasses steaming out of our previously improperly managed landfills and other dumping facilities, we can harness the value of these waste gasses, by using [read more…]

Oct 152012
How to survive a tight budget in style: small houses are easy to build

  Most of us hate budgets, budgeting and most especially having to work with a small budget that maybe doesn’t quite “cover the household nut” . Whether voluntarily or by “divine intervention” smaller household budgets can be relatively easy to manage if at the beginning of the adventure of downsizing, you have an open mind and carefully plan. ….and who knows you may find you

Oct 142012
Organic foods for your Health, now delivered

Organic foods for your health are definitely worth buying, so don’t let the fear of the slightly higher prices deprive you and your loved ones of the advantages to eating fresh wholesome, chemical-free food. Those of us that are making the lifestyle changes towards organic and all-natural foods  will naturally gravitate towards purchasing all-natural organic oils and lotions because we consider the fact that skin absorbs,  and that this  is another way our bodies can take in [read more…]