Oct 152012
How to survive a tight budget in style: small houses are easy to build

  Most of us hate budgets, budgeting and most especially having to work with a small budget that maybe doesn’t quite “cover the household nut” . Whether voluntarily or by “divine intervention” smaller household budgets can be relatively easy to manage if at the beginning of the adventure of downsizing, you have an open mind and carefully plan. ….and who knows you may find you

Jan 092011

There are a only a finite number of avenues that can be pursued until it is realized that a new system must be installed. Agriculture at present is pinning final hopes on “bigger and better” machinery, more chemicals, and genetic manipulations. At present, these approaches have only resulted in higher food prices from petroleum costs, pollution of our environment, and a monoculture vision of future food production which could end in a global famine.