Oct 072012
Rainwater harvesting supplies school children with water and education

What can survive with out water?  In a time of need rainwater harvesting supplies homes and landscapes with relatively clean and free water. The care and  management of water is becoming more and more important as the population on this planet grows and more ground gets shoveled over for progress.   The costs for city cleaned water will continue to climb and so will the water restrictions.   Are you prepared? One of the fastest, [read more…]

Oct 062012
Ways of Saving Coal...LA does it right!

Electricity, pretty powerful stuff, no pun intended… Electricity,  we all use it, and most of us on this planet have grown to rely on it constantly during the day and night. Energy for electricity comes from several different sources which fall into 3 general groups:  1)  burning of wood, and fossil fuels (coal, petroleum  and natural gas),  2) nuclear fission, AND-  3) renewable:  wind turbines,  solar sun receptors, tidal,  and geothermal. Lets see: Group 1: Burning stuff that [read more…]

Sep 262012
Wind energy not always green option: location matters

Green energy, particularly wind energy, benefits us in a number of ways, however wind energy is not always the green option.  In most cases, the primary benefit most people think of is the environmental benefit, the softer “carbon footprint” left on the land.  However, that is not always the case. In some places, like remote areas (as mentioned in the article below) another tremendous benefit maybe simply having access to any energy at all. Alternative [read more…]

Oct 052010

Changes in the economy, climate, politics, national security, and labor practices throughout the world have made corporate sustainability management a vital part of good business structure. Without a plan to manage your money, employees, and relations with other businesses, as well as keep excellent ratings and satisfied employees, your business will have a hard time seeing success.