About Our Advertisers

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Sometimes you will see ads on gettingoffgrid.com’s sites that promote products that aren’t very closely compatible with gettingoffgrid’s philosophy…which is;  quality at a reasonable price, environmentally friendly, offgrid type products.

When ads are bought by individual companies, gettingoffgrid.com can control what is advertised, making sure that the products appropriately fit in with each site philosophy.

This is gettingoffgrid’s preferred way of obtaining ads, while we would love to hand pick all ads, and we encourage you to point eco-friendly companies to our site, at least for now…we must allow advertising networks to place ads here.

You CAN help gettingoffgrid.com move these kinds of ads off the site by:

#1- Leaving gettingoffgrid.com suggestions of your favorite green sites and specialty offgrid suppliers,  qualifying the vendors that are truly assisting in helping us all be gettingoffgrid, as much as we possibly can, as soon as we possibly can.  Got suggestions?  Please use contact form in Contact Us, thanks.

#2- Buying products here, at gettingoffgrid.com, 🙂!  Our advertisers will be promoting the kinds of products you will want to use on your body, inside your body and in your environment.  Any testimonials you would like to share about your special finds, that are helping you get closer to your gettingoffgrid goals, please feel free to start sharing by using the Contact Us form, today!

We will be covering a vast number of top quality product options, in all of  gettingoffgrid.com’s  site categories, so don’t miss out!

Help guide us into becoming the best opportunity for finding a “help us, help ourselves”   information website aimed at protecting our Planet thus, our future.

Thanks and enjoy,

LauraRose, Eco Friend and Researcher