About gettingoffgrid.com

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It was born out of necessity, it grew into an adventure, and it has become my passion; it is not only a challenge to myself and for myself, consequentially, it has become a challenge for my fellow Earth neighbors, as well.

Hello, I’m LauraRose, welcome to the Wonderful World of gettingoffgrid(.com).

Fortunate enough to have a part time job when the economy crashed, I found myself contemplating my financial future, while income is small yet steady, costs of living are constantly rising.

How am I going to make my income stretch to cover basic costs of living and still have some leftover, for fun stuff?

I took a look at my overheads and pondered how to reduce or even eliminate some of them. The recurring categories that affected me fell into place as:

#1: Energy

– It takes Energy to get up in the morning, it takes another kind of Energy to get my car to start, to get me to work, etc. It takes Energy to keep the lights on, it takes Energy to get food on the table…without Energy, life as we individually know it would not exist.

#2: Food

– I like it, I like it a lot, it is a necessary ingredient to maintaining quality of Life, every day.

#3: Water

– Can’t live without it!…for too long.

#4: Waste

– Waste is the leftover residue created during day to day life. We can’t throw it off the planet and make it go away, we have to deal with it ourselves or pay others to take care of it for us.  Properly managed, it is easy to turn waste into an asset that is earth friendly.

#5: Health

– Where would we be without it?  Maintaining Health and Well-being is essential to quality of Life, agreed?

So these are the “grids” being addressed in gettingoffgrid.com, each are vital and each can be better utilized to be easier on all of our pocketbooks!

I’m working towards gettingoffgrid, want to join the adventure? Come on in….it promises to be enlightening and fun.

LauraRose-Eco Friend and Researcher