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My mom was a housewife most of my life, we were a steak and potatoes and banana split family.  Dad loved coca~cola and I enjoyed my share of Tab. Aren't steaks yummy!

Dad worked at Lockheed, designing and building airplanes,  while Senator William Proxmire was campaigning against government spending, and space research.   Dad had to let many of his co-workers go, and for years was unsure of his own employment, on a daily basis. As a result of dad’s unsurity at work, mom and dad set mom up in a small business, a sandwich shop in an office park.  Dad worked at Lockheed until his death at age 51, in fact, he was giving a speech at the aeronautics college, University of  Florida, Gainesville when he had a blood clot reach his heart.

Mom took the sandwich shop business by storm and grew her business, at one point she had 12 shops and a large commissary.  Food was not her passion, business and the wealth it brought was, and she was great at it.  It wasn’t until after retirement and discovery of the Food Channels that her passion for food flourished.  Alas, her favorites were rich and highly processed.

We didn’t know, and didn’t care to research the Truths about  food, so it was all good, and delicious, and in my late twenties, I got fat and became an “unsatisfied” yo- yo dieter. (more on this, later)

After college, I gravitated to the Food and Beverage Industry, quite comfortably, eventually I would have a “food” business of my own, processing the best fresh (and smoked) trout grown in the North Georgia mountains supplying restaurants and country stores throughout the region.  Business was booming, life was grand….until the droughts (2008) began…

This entrepreneur had to find a job “working for the man”.  I hated it for the most part, it was just a thing I had to do to pay the bills.  One day I was standing at my parttime demo job, the economic crash was on everyone’s mind, and I realized I needed to make some lifestyle changes in order to have some “fun tickets” ($$) left over at the end of the month, since the costs of living were certainl;y rising…

That was about the same time I saw the movie Julie and Julia.  Loved the movie, it was about food and passion and Julia Child.  So, I asked myself what my passion (besides food) was, and that is where gettingoffgrid.com was born.

My sweetheart and I built the basics of gettingoffgrid.com, then he left it in my hands.  He is an IT guy and has a website, it was always at the top of the search engines, so I thought I had a sure thing going on.  I was following my passion (reducing my overheads), I was using my creative talents and I was at the helm of a ship that would help others who were interested in gettingoffgrid.

There was one problem, I had absolutely no idea how to develop a website, not even a pinch of a clue.  I fussed with and almost broke up with BF because he was too “busy” to help me learn about what I was trying to do.  So, I plodded along making a mess of the site.  I thought I was doing well because gettingoffgrid.com was always high on the search engines and lots of folks were dropping by.

Then I lost interest in the struggle and “gave it up” for a while.  A while later, with renewed interest, I decided to hire an SEO to help me get the site “viable” again.  He put many links onto my sight, and Panda promptly crashed me.

So what does all this have to do with food?

Food is one of the 5 “overheads” I am gettingoffgrid with. (pardon my grammar, please).  My plan is to grow my own food!  I’ve always had small herb gardens, growing most of my own food is going to be “fun” and challenging…and I’m going to share my experience with anyone in the cyber world that may be interested.

As of today, February 15, 2013, I have planted 6 fruit trees and have several perennial herbs, and a patch of kale and broccoli.  I am ordering seeds today, more on that in next article.

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