Dec 052012

Renewable natural gas energy, that’s what we are talking about!

How can that happen, you say?   It takes too long (millions of years) for natural gas to “renew”, what’s the gimmick?

While we know it does take millions of years to “make” fossil natural gas; researchers are finding that by utilizing the (bio)gasses steaming out of our previously improperly managed landfills and other dumping facilities, we can harness the value of these waste gasses, by using that same waste gas as an energy source.

It is a known fact the sun is a more constantly available “renewable” resource, however, while we are working on harnessing it more efficiently, and bringing the costs down, other renewable energy sources, such as renewable natural gas can help us transition into that new frontier of clean and completely renewable alternative energy resources.

Sounds like a good and efficient plan to me, sorta like a half off at your favorite building materials place, to being able to use a “free” energy source while “using up” toxic waste products, which are accomplishing nothing “good” on this planet…wow, did you get that?

The one question I have about all this is if we have to burn this mixture of gasses to produce the energy, what is the end air quality product we will be left with, as opposed to how it is now: will it improve it or diminish it?

Energy Vision Publishes New Report Documenting Renewable Natural Gas as …

“”Today we can turn this country’s expensive organic waste burden into a clean vehicle fuel solution,” said Energy Vision President Joanna Underwood. “Waste biogases can also be used to generate power and heat homes; but other renewable energy …”


The task of cleaning up our planet is vast, but it is do-able, one thoughtful baby step at a time.

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