Oct 152012


Most of us hate budgets, budgeting and most especially having to work with a small budget that maybe doesn’t quite “cover the household nut” .

Whether voluntarily or by “divine intervention” smaller household budgets can be relatively easy to manage if at the beginning of the adventure of downsizing, you have an open mind and carefully plan. ….and who knows you may find you like it… a lot!

Usually the  journey to a smaller, less burdened home is easier if all family members are working together, so keep an open mind and set the positive stage before the planning even begins.

Sure,  some undesired sacrifices will show up, but they are always survivable and they “too, will pass”, and they  can still be orchestrated with the emphasis on “fun”   by celebrating the fact that you are preparing to make a lot of stress go away from your every day life..

Change is a well known trigger for certain stress, especially when it comes to how money is spent, so remember to utilize the positive spin to make your process for change as smooth as possible.


Could You Live in a 120-Square-Foot House?

When Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell and her husband moved from Kansas City to a 480-square-foot lake house in Northwest, Ark., they’d planned to build a larger house on the same property and use the existing house as an office and guesthouse. Yet the recession convinced the couple to stick with the house they had and build another small space as an office and guesthouse…(read more here)

Overcoming “different” financial  times is an intensely creative and  bonding opportunity.

To make changes successfully, simply and confidently support yourself while adjusting  to the changes as quickly as possible, becoming comfortable with same changes, and you may find that a well- organized less is …best!



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