Oct 072012

What can survive with out water?  In a time of need rainwater harvesting supplies homes and landscapes with relatively clean and free water.

The care and  management of water is becoming more and more important as the population on this planet grows and more ground gets shoveled over for progress.   The costs for city cleaned water will continue to climb and so will the water restrictions.   Are you prepared?

One of the fastest, easiest, and cheapest ways to insure your home or business always has water for yards and food gardens (and toilets)  is to equip your gutter downspouts with water storage units; this is rainwater harvesting.

The most used storage unit is a rainbarrel and they come in all shapes and sizes.   The installation process uses basic and inexpensive technologies, and the rainwater harvesting system is easy to maintain.

Some of the other advantages to having a rainwater harvesting system besides free and non-chlorinated water is the fact that the system is an ideal way get off the water grid, or at least reduce it substantially and it is socially acceptable because it is also being environmentally responsible.


A science project on rain water to teach lessons all year at elementary school …

“Just last month, at Atlanta City Hall, a group that advocates better use of water resources talked about how a rainwater harvesting program could produce more than 20 million gallons of water a day – or about 16 percent of metro Atlanta’s daily …SaportaReport (blog)”

A good time was had by all including Mother Earth.

Parents be proactive in your children’s schools, see what (if anything) their school is doing to develop their own rain harvesting system, and ask how they are involving your children.

If they are doing nothing yet, take this article to the next PTA meeting, and do your part to spread the good word.



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