Oct 062012

Electricity, pretty powerful stuff, no pun intended…

Electricity,  we all use it, and most of us on this planet have grown to rely on it constantly during the day and night.

Energy for electricity comes from several different sources which fall into 3 general groups:  1)  burning of wood, and fossil fuels (coal, petroleum  and natural gas),  2) nuclear fission, AND-  3) renewable:  wind turbines,  solar sun receptors, tidal,  and geothermal.

Lets see:

Group 1:

Burning stuff that burns:  which happens to be earth’s natural resources(wood, and fossil fuels that took millions of years to produce and is dwindling rapidly as we speak.  Burning stuff is not renewable because the stuff burned took too long to make.   Oh yes and the residue flung from the flames are part of the new  “added value” air we breathe while the price for it will continue to rise.

Group 2:

Nuclear fission:  expensive upfront costs for taxpayers and always potentially dangerous (volatile) after building, natural rescource damages can range far into our children’s future. hhhmmm

Group 3:

Renewable:  renewable energy is free, (after structure costs),  clean,  sustainable and not volatile.

Selective planning and research can usually put you into any affordable “hard” system while finding your own local certified installers.   And, you can add on to most existing renewable energy systems at any time in the future.

Which one do you  choose?


  Huffington Post

“This week, we won a major victory when the Los Angeles City Council approved the L.A. Department of Water and Power’s plan to invest in clean energy, rather than continue to ship customers’ money out of state to buy coal (LA shipped $500 million out of …”

coal plant

Burning of wood and fossil fuels diminishes earth’s natural resources and throws waste and smoke into the air we breathe.

Renewable energy is clean,  sustainable, eco-friendly and now, obtainable.




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