Sep 262012

Green energy, particularly wind energy, benefits us in a number of ways, however wind energy is not always the green option.  In most cases, the primary benefit most people think of is the environmental benefit, the softer “carbon footprint” left on the land.  However, that is not always the case.

In some places, like remote areas (as mentioned in the article below) another tremendous benefit maybe simply having access to any energy at all.

Alternative energy sources…wind, hydroelectric, solar etc…are always soft on the land, but they are not always soft on the pocketbook.  In some places, especially remote locations, accesability to resources can dictate the type of alternative energy chosen.

As an example see how this village in a remote area of Alaska meets it’s energy needs.

Energy Lessons from the Edge of the Earth

“Five wind turbines are seen in the village of Tuntutuliak, situated in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta region of western Alaska. The wind turbines have just recently come on-line and are part of a sophisticated energy system devised and managed by the …Center For American Progress”


wind power

When thinking “green” it is always good to be mindfull of the fact that environmentally friendly is not a one lane road, it is an interconnected web of highways and sideroads that all work together.  A particular means of energy production that is always environmentally friendly may not be right in a given situation because of location, costs, or other factors.

Always look at the whole picture.



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