Jan 162011

As more people around the world try to find more ways of reducing their carbon footprint, environmentally conscious homeowners are turning to ideas for the incorporation of green architecture into their existing homes. Sustainable architecture is based on the idea that the design of a building or home should have the least impact on the environment as possible. Green architecture therefore creates a cleaner living environment, while using cost effective energy saving building techniques.

In order to incorporate sustainable green architecture into your already existing home, you will first need to contract the services of a sustainable architect to bring to reality your dream for greener living. A sustainable architect knows that every component in a building can comprise of sustainable architecture, such as renewable building materials, building design, active and passive heating and cooling, water conservation methods as well as natural and artificial lighting. The architect will be able to advise you on how best to incorporate green architecture into your home through the use of sustainable materials for your home finishes. For instance, you may include sustainable materials for your wall surfaces, countertops and flooring with finishes such as salvaged steel, recycled plastic as well as locally mined and produced tiles and stones.

When it comes to paint, opt for the low toxic paints and finishes to coat both the exterior and interior of your home. Install a low flush toilet which will enable you to conserve water usage. As you do your shopping, always check the product labels and only buy home building products that contain low levels of volatile organic compounds. Be sure to conduct an energy audit of your home where it will be inspected for any spots with leaks which require added insulation. Remember that a tightly sealed home which is properly insulated will help you save on heating bills and usage.

Joan One is a freelance journalist and creative writer who immensely enjoys writing and researching into any topic under the Sun. She specializes in writing “green” eco-friendly topics aimed at enabling environmentally conscious readers to find simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint and help save our planet.

Author: Joan One
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