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The revolution of energy conservation has sparked a movement with increased fuel efficiency in automobiles, trains, and also buildings. Although, what you and I see on the television is the city skyline of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the reality is the lion share of energy is consumed in the American home. The green movement has sparked a new generation of eco-friendly appliances for the home, including Energy Star certified appliances. Hot water heaters were identified by the Department of Energy as a major consumer of energy in the home, whether the energy is natural gas, electricity, or propane.

Most of the recommendations which I have read involve replacing your home’s water heater with a high efficiency appliance, namely a tankless gas water heater manufactured by Rinnai or Bosch. To replace a home’s existing water heater with a tankless gas water heater is a substantial investment which can cost upwards of $2,000. This may or not be a viable option to the common homeowner, therefore we will focus on things which can be done to improve the efficiency of your home’s existing hot water appliance.

Prior to discussing improving the efficiency of your existing hot water heater, it is paramount to note that this appliance used or modified improperly or in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturer’s written recommendations can be dangerous and lead to property damage.

The following is a list of suggestions to improve the efficiency and reduce energy consumption of your hot water heater:

-Set your water heater thermostat to 120°F
– Fix all leaky faucets immediately
– Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
– Select short cycles and cold water rinse in the laundry
– Only run full loads in the dishwasher

By simply following the five suggestions listed above, significant savings should result on your utility bills. Bringing awareness of energy conversation into a home by making the improvements listed above will also have a positive impact on energy consumption. If everyone in your household would take a shorter shower, pay particular attention doing the dinner dishes, and doing laundry your utility bill will see a substantial impact, which can be shared throughout your household.

Ernie Brewer writes about Water Heaters at http://www.waterheaterguru.com.

Author: Ernest Brewer
Article Source: EzineArticles.com
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