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Socialization about global warming is done by many people, especially teenagers who are concerning to stop the problem in many ways. As you see, many teenagers’ foundations are strongly trying to socialize the problems. You can see the action by searching from internet. They truly exist to stop these serious problems. This is really ridiculous when older generations just wait and see the actions. According to the website, teenagers have big confidence to prevent global warming in many ways.

They give better explanations about this problem and give solution on how to cope it well. They write the information wisely and clearly. They really know how to solve the problem. Their efforts make other societies join the socialization. For a reason, they know the importance of healing the world. Most of them are invited to talk with the people in the United Nation. They are more trusted to solve this problem then older generations. They give better description and fast action then their senior. It shows their contribution to save the world. They are braver than their senior.

Sooner or later, many students in colleges are joining together to make a good change. They make long march action to attract people in many parts. They give writing such as, ‘Stop Global Warming’, ‘Climate Justice’ and other writing that show their care of global warming.

They are proactive to reduce the effects global warming earlier. Sometimes, they make a program to plant many plants in the right place. They have their own team to do this program perfectly. This activity gives good contribution to reduce gas emission. So, temperature can be handled. Actually, the socialization is not done only by teenagers. Adult generation must be proactive to do the same way. It is for all people who live in the earth. When you succeed to solve this problem, you are the hero of this earth.

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Author: Jenny Yolanda Smith
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