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Most of you, regardless of age, probably use a computer and a printer in your home. They are far more powerful than their early cousins 20 years ago and they are more efficient but they are machines and they do consume energy.

Printers are also wasteful not only because they use paper and paper comes from trees, but they also consume energy. Even so, you can improve your energy consumption for both of these machines. Follow these small steps and you’re your computer and printer be less wasteful, more environmentally friendly, and save yourself some money.

Tip 1. Turn off your computer when you stop using it. Leaving a computer on all the time is extremely wasteful. If you use a monitor and leave it on, it’s even more wasteful. If you absolutely must leave them on, make sure they go on standby or sleep mode as soon as possible when not in use. You are not going to destroy your computer by turning it on and off a couple of times a day. That is not wear and tear. While your computer does use more energy starting up, you are probably going to offset this by not leaving it on all day when you are not using it.

Tip 2. Recycle your printer ink cartridges wherever possible. Some printer manufacturers have the mechanics in place to help you with this. Use them. Over 200 million used printer ink cartridges end up in landfills in the US alone.

Tip 3. If you are upgrading your computer, consider upgrading a desktop and monitor unit to a laptop. It does the same thing but uses less power.

Tip 4. Plug your computer and printer and any other device you use with them, into a power strip. When the equipment is not in use, switch it off.

Tip 5. Screen savers do not save you money on your energy bill. In fact, it may cost you more to use it because it is making your CPU work hard to display those fancy pictures.

Tip 6. Look for equipment that is labeled with an Energy Star. They use close to 70% less electricity than another PC without the label.

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Author: Ruthan Brodsky
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