Dec 302010

Humans are not solely responsible for global warming. Taking a look back in time by analyzing ice sections from Antarctica has led researchers to better understand how global warming has affected the planet time and time again. During periods of hotter temperatures, there are spots of melted and then refrozen ice. When times were cold and snow abundant, additional layers of ice were added. Each layer brings new light to the REAL truth behind global warming.

The Natural Roller Coaster of Temperature

The Earth’s core is hot, very hot. That means the Earth is based on a center that could destroy the entire planet in less than a second – that is some powerful heat. Why, then, do people really believe that a heating of the Earth’s surface is dedicated only to the trapping of emissions in the atmosphere? With a molten lava core, is the plant not bound to be hot at least some of the time?

The trouble is the rate of increase this upward spike in temperature has gained. We are getting hotter faster than ever before and, being the intellectuals that we are, we face the realities of extinct when the temperature gets too hot for human life to exist.

This WILL happen, there is no way to completely stop the process, but the process can be slowed if we stop pushing CO2 and other chemical gases into the atmosphere at alarming rates. In other words, we cannot stop global warming but we can put the brakes on and allow the process to happen naturally.

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Author: Yvonne Mustafelli
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