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I am sure most people really understand what global warming is. In simplest words, it is a problem about the growing temperature of the earth. And if we continue to behave in the same way and ignore the problem consistently, the day is not far when this world will have to face unanticipated disasters. In 2005, one of NASA’s institutes noticed the year 2005 as the warmest year after late 1800. This indicates how early we have started to face the consequences of sudden change in climate.

In some of the parts of the globe, nature has started to show its brutality. For example, India witnessed absolutely no rain in its northern region this year. As the time goes by, the economy of this country has started to be affected.

The worst part of the global warming is that the 100% accurate nature of the forthcoming problem cannot be predicted. Though we live in the age of super computers today, but we still have fewer clues about how climate will react against global warming in the future. As per the available estimates by IPCC report, the temperature is likely to rise around 6°C in this century.

So, how does a common man gets affected due to the Global Warming? Well, the rising temperature will create trouble for many countries. For a few countries in Asia, where much depends upon the climate wellness, the economy is likely to get affected. Crop may not flourish in the absence of nice weather. This will affect countries where agriculture is done on a large level. Although, various economists have predicted impact on the global economy but the actual scenario may differ from one country to the other. So, we all know that a common man will definitely be affected if economy is being affected.

Finally, global warming has attracted huge attention in many parts of the world and many people have come forth to inspire citizens to fight against the situation. Many car companies are also coming up with environment friendly cars. Big celebrities are running campaigns to fight against it. So many little steps in the entire world will surely contribute as a big leap to fight against this problem.

Unanticipated Consequences of Global Warming: Browse here to know more about consequences of global warming and how largely it can affect us.

Author: Eshwarya Patel
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