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I’ve created this article knowing that the effects of global warming are getting worse and worse by year. Scientists have claimed that if we don’t do something drastic during the next 10 years, our whole planet will be in serious jeopardy. When that condition arises, polar caps and ice sheets would likely to melt, causing sea levels to rise in ways that would put cities under water. The world would also experience prolonged periods of heat waves and droughts, hurricanes appearing in new locations. Worst of all, close to 50% of all living species will be wiped out, and we are all on the list.

Even if you think that this global warming scenario is none of your business, I’m sure you will change your opinion if you are one of the people who will still be living a decade or few later. It’s everybody’s business, whether if you are a student, home-owner, business owner, or retired, we are all responsible for the conditions of our habitat.

I wanted to research the methods for prevent global warming, and many of them came close to what I have listed next.

The top 9 things you could do to help reduce global warming are:

1. Reduce waste with “Reduce, reuse, recycle”.
2. Save energy by Using less Heat and Air Conditioning.
3. Save energy with compact fluorescent light bulbs.
4. Save energy with “energy-efficient” products.
5. Save energy by using less electrically support hot water.
6. Save energy by turning off unnecessary home appliances and lights.
7. Reduce emissions by driving less and walking/biking/transit/hybrid more.
8. Absorb carbon dioxide by planting trees and other plants.
9. Spread the message by encouraging others to conserve as well.

As you can clearly see, most of the methods for reducing global warming are to save energy and electricity from your homes. This is the case because all of your power, energy, electricity, heat, air conditioning, hot water, etc, come from your electrical company. The electrical companies draw the massive powers that could be sold to you from electrical generating power plants. However, the bad news is, most of the electrical companies across the world still rely on Natural Gas, Coal, Petroleum, and Uranium. All of these methods are both expensive and extremely damaging to our habitat, causing millions of homes across North America to be billed at an unfair price and become responsible for damaging our environment.

How could anyone still want to be dependent upon the electrical companies’ energy producing methods? Knowing that we are basically supporting those companies for destroying our world (by continuously paying them expensive bills of course).

I am not here to command you to do something for our environment, that is up to you. I am simply here to provide you with resources and choices for consideration, which are entirely up to you for considering.

I wrote this article because I have stumbled upon a product of great value – “Home Made Energy” by Bill Ford. I used it and it instantly made me a person who is not dependent on the electrical companies anymore, it made me save hundreds, and it made me contribute to saving the environment.

With this product alone, I had already completed 5 of the 9 steps to reduce global warming. With this product, I had basically done every step that is about saving energy from your home. By producing my own electricity and heat, I didn’t have to depend on the electrical companies’ environmentally damaging energy-producing-methods anymore. Instead, I used my own clean energy, plus I only paid 0$-5$ on average on electrical bills per month.

I didn’t purchase this product in order to reduce my electrical bills; I did it primarily because I wanted to be one of the few people who took real actions towards saving our habitat, even as to buying this little product and quickly using clean energy.

But we all have different motivations, some of us really want to save monthly electrical bills, because honestly, they are unreasonably expensive, and can act as a financial drop-back for many of us. With this product, I can promise any of you that within a few weeks time, you’ll cut off 80-100% of your electrical bills. It’s definitely worth the time and energy, considering the time and energy you already put into your paid jobs just to pay off those unreasonably high electrical bills.

The main motivation for this article is just to make people aware of the available resources out there that you could use, in order to help reduce global warming. There are a lot of different methods and tools to help reduce global warming already of course, but through my time of research and findings, in my honest opinion, I really believe that this product does a fantastic job compared to the other methods.

For example, if you want to help the environment, the best things to do at home are:

-Turning off your lights when you don’t need them.
-Shutting off many electrical appliances.
-Use less hot water.
-Shut off all of your air conditioning during a hot summer day.
-Or heating system during a cold winter day.

If you are already doing some of those then that is great and you are an extra-ordinary person for doing those. However, with “Home Made Energy”, there wouldn’t be any need for you to keep doing those troublesome saving-energy schemes anymore, because the energy you collect and use is completely non-dependant on the electrical company! In other words, you could use your own energy as much as you want to, because they are renewable and environmentally friendly.

If you want to save money and save the environment, that’s superb, it definitely means that you are already more aware of environmental issues than most people, and it also means that you are intelligent for finding a way to save so much money. This product gives you exactly what you want to do, save the money and save the environment.

Think about your actions towards reducing global warming.

Written by user of “Home Made Energy” and environmentalist – Steven Zhao. With Home Made Energy you can do something for the environment right away! The sooner the better! Transform your homes into an eco-friendly centre, you can also save hundreds of dollars each month from the electrical companies! Visit for more information and resources.

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