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There can be no doubt what so ever. Global Warming is very, very serious – probably the biggest threat to our environment since the Noah and the biblical floods.

One of the main contributors to global warming is greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. When natural gas or oil or coal is burnt, it increases the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The same thing happens when oil is burnt, as well as coal. It is important that we reduce the amount of these types of substances being burnt.

Back in the days of the Old Testament, God wanted to teach us a lesson, and gave Noah detailed instruction how to save the creatures on our planet. It may well take divine intervention to fend off the threat to our existence due to Global Warming. If you don’t believe this will happen, consider what you can do to prevent further environmental damage.

Let us start easy. The more electricity that we use, the more greenhouse gases we put into the atmosphere. By cutting our use of electricity, we will reduce the greenhouses gasses. The less greenhouse gases, the slower global warming will progress. By simply switching of lights, switching off appliances at the power socket, and drying clothes on an old-fashioned washing line, instead of a power-hungry clothes drier will make a massive contribution.

Moving on. Cutting down large amounts of trees to supply timber reduces the amount of trees. When we cut down the trees in the world, we are increasing global warming. The remaining trees can’t absorb all of the carbon which is floating in the atmosphere and carbon levels rises. We should try to find products that are used by recycled products instead of products that are freshly cut. If we do this, more trees will be spared and less toxic greenhouse gases will be emitted into the atmosphere.

Finally. It is important that we convince others to preserve and protect our environment. Inform them of the things they do which increases global warming and the relatively simple things they can do – such as using less electricity and using more recycled products, as outlined above – to reduce the effects of global warming.

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