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Here are some good tips on natural pest control from Haley’s Hints by Graham and Rosemary Haley. All these pest control solutions use easy to find, inexpensive natural ingredients.

Meal worms – Found in flour, spaghetti and other starchy items. Place some fresh mint leaves in any effected area. Alternatively, mint-flavored chewing gum often works.

Mosquitoes – It’s said that mosquitoes also dislike the scent of oranges and onions. Rub over your exposed areas.

Avoid wearing clothing that is damp or colored blue. They say mosquitoes love damp or blue clothing. When you see mosquitoes on your walls and windows at night, simply suck them up with a vacuum hose. Try planting the herb tansy or basil in sunny spots near your doors. Mosquitoes are repelled by the smell. To keep mosquitoes from breeding in your rain barrel, pour a little cooking oil on the surface of the water.

Moths – Darken the room and leave a bright light burning outside. They’ll fly to the light. Hang sachets of cedar wood chips in the closet to keep moths away. Wrap some cloves in pieces of cheesecloth and suspend them from your closet rod or tuck them into clothes’ pockets.

Slugs and snails – Bait a trap for slugs and snails by laying out, every evening, lettuce or cabbage leaves. Slices of turnip, potato or inverted grapefruit rinds will also do the trick. Wait until they are snacking away and remove them.

Spiders – Leave a cotton-wad dampened with oil of pennyroyal where spiders reside. They’ll go away fast.

Tent Caterpillars – Wait until nightfall, when their tent is full. Take a squirt oil can of motor oil and shoot some oil into the tent. This should get rid of them.

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