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At present there are various print companies who are claiming that they are following the activities and rules of green or eco friendly printing. But the fact is only 5 % are true in their claims and following environmentally friendly business practices.

Accordingly it is wise to not believe such claims unless you are made clear that they are members of Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) which endorses for forest conservation and a lot more. It is certifications which use to provide an international recognition and standards which are accepted worldwide. It is termed to be as a standard in the print industry. Those organizations which are registered under the standards of FSC gain accretion from clients and customers too. They carry a trade mark which assures that they are meeting the bench marking ratings set by the FSC and they can be trusted in their activities of print.

Eco friendly printing gives you a way to make use of the products which are free from chemical composition. Printing industries are termed to be as one of the most polluting industry and if its harmful activities are not brought down then it is going to damage our environment in a short span of time. If you are serious about this issue and want to save our environment then it is wise to have dealing only with those organizations which are able to prove that they are print supplies and paper are free from harmful chemical hazards.

For some individuals the concept of eco friendly printing is not yet clear. They are wondering as why it is needed and is it important to follow such. They fail to recognize the fact that whatever activity they are doing today its impact is surely go to affect the environment today or tomorrow. Such individuals assume that the activity of print is free from toxic chemicals and they are not involved in damaging of the environment.

As it is already been stated that most companies are now claiming to be anxious towards the surroundings yet they are only less companies which can prove this. If you want to ensure whether a following company is true or not in its activities you can have a check of their membership with FSC. If they fail to produce such membership or registration card then you can very well go ahead to deal with other company.

The paper which is produced or used is required to be free from toxic chemicals and moreover it must be recyclable. Inks which come into the contact of print are required to be environmental friendly.
Printers can make use of the vegetable based or soy based inks. The results of print are much better than the print performed by petroleum based inks. No matter what kind of promoting materials you are going to print it is going to give you amazing results. Eco friendly printing is the only available solution to safe guard our environment from all chemical hazards.

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