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Need a new look for dingy rooms, but don’t have the cash to remodel? Use a trick from real estate home staging experts to brighten your rooms without breaking the bank. What’s the secret? Replacing lighting fixtures to create a whole new atmosphere.

When staging a home for sale, these experts spend a little money to create an attractive environment. They know that a change in lighting makes a dramatic difference in most rooms. Homebuyers want welcoming spaces and that impression can be created with carefully selected lighting.

Why not use the same technique to create a home people love to spend time in? Here’s a quick list of suggested changes to get your imagination flowing:

* Warm up a drab kitchen by hanging an island light above your center work surface. The variety of styles available, from ornate brass to sleek brushed nickel, lets you match your kitchen’s décor while adding light at the heart of the home.

* Update your bath by highlighting mirrors with striking vanity lights. These distinctive fixtures eliminate shadows and bring a warm glow to your boudoir.

* Set the stage for visitors with a beautiful foyer pendant. Designed to provide a focal point for front entrances, these fixtures can brighten dark doorways and cast a welcoming light on your home.

* Create vintage charm with space saving flushmount fixtures. These beautiful ceiling- hugging lights come in styles that complement classic homes and camouflage unsightly wiring and hardware.

* Use dramatic mini pendants to spotlight your home’s special beauty.  A row of these versatile, but powerful, lights suspended over counters, along walls or near artwork makes a spectacular statement at minimal expense.

* Make outdoor entrances safe, and inviting, by replacing inefficient outdoor lighting. Many styles have motion-sensor or timer-controlled features to keep energy costs at a minimum.

Are you beginning to see the light about the difference new fixtures can make in your home? In one afternoon, you change the entire look of your rooms without lifting a paintbrush.

Start the process by walking through your home and noting dim corners and dark spaces. Take your list to the nearest lighting specialists and let them help you select the most appropriate solutions. Most fixtures can be installed without a degree in engineering, but if you’re hesitant, make a date with your electrician.

Adding light to your home is one of the least expensive ways to gain a whole new look. And there’s an added bonus-by purchasing Energy Star fixtures, you’ll be conserving electricity while beautifying your home.

One more tip for a warm look that’s easy on the environment-replace the incandescent bulbs through the house with more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs).

Don’t overwhelm your budget remodeling when an economical change in lighting can give you a home you’re proud to display. Visit your lighting specialists soon, the results will be illuminating!

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