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Having realized the polluting and adverse affects of industrial development, in the past decades we tend to become more and more concerned about our environment. Concepts like sustainable development, recycling and environment protection have never been stressed like these days. Obviously, the purpose is to make a change in our mind, therefore, to make a change in the whole world − for the better.

Environment protection covers each field of our lives: from waste-management, through technological and industrial development to building constructions. We must think ahead and take all possible measures to outweigh the adverse affects of climate change. Earth’s resources are limited and there is a need for change in global thinking. Just like every change, this also begins at a personal level: start with constructing green buildings.

Steel buildings are considered green or sustainable buildings for numerous reasons. Let me mention the most important green features of steel buildings.

To start with, steel buildings are considered green for their recycled content, which means that steel buildings are composed of approximately 60 % recycled material. As steel is 100 % recyclable in the future, there is a separate market based on recycling steel. Steel is reused and recycled many times without loss of the quality of the material instead of being disposed of as it happens in the case of traditional materials.

Steel manufacturers apply state-of-the-art energy efficient methods in metal production in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Another advantage of steel buildings is that they can reduce the urban heat island (UHI) effect. The UHI is the phenomenon when urban concrete and asphalt constructions absorb heat during the day, and radiate back at night, consequently it does not let the air cool down.

UHI can be prevented through steel construction in cool as well as warmer regions. In warmer regions steel buildings’ roofs reflect light and heat. Fighting the urban heat island effect will not only keep buildings cooler but will also reduce your cooling costs. On the other hand, metal buildings in cooler climates are also effective to save energy and cut your heating bills as they are able to retain heat inside the building during the cold months.

Besides its recyclable feature, the use of regional material is also environment friendly. This will reduce transportation costs, sparing the environment from superfluous emissions and creating local jobs.

Erecting steel buildings does not require deforestation therefore contributing to the sustainability of the ecosystem. Metal buildings are fire- and rust-resistant and their maintenance is basically free.

Steel buildings being durable, cost-effective and energy efficient are by no doubt environment friendly. Make your step in saving the planet through the construction of green buildings.

Author: Borbala Labancz
Article Source:
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