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Human endeavor is the one and only cited cause for the host of environmental problems facing mankind today. Sad but true that although man was supposed to have dominion over all creation and serve as ambassadors, the human race has instead created havoc. But what remains to be the saddest part of all is that humans are also the ones to reap the consequences of their actions – after all, as put forth by Newton, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

To alleviate the host of environmental problems, each should pitch in and do his or her share to help the Earth by engaging in eco friendly activities. Building eco friendly homes can be of great help in toning down the negative effects of human activities.

Using eco friendly materials in building of homes is a viable alternative to those which produce harmful substances to the environment such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or vinyl used in pipes and produce dioxin-a toxic contaminant-when burned. Many sustainable earth friendly materials are available nowadays. Adobe style homes, which use sundried bricks made of mud and sand, are very common in the southwestern part of the United States. Bale buildings that utilize baled straw stacks for extra wall insulation is also becoming more and more popular.

Using earth friendly materials inside the home is also another way of building eco friendly homes. Composting toilets work the same way as regular toilets but has the end goal of composting human waste. Solar lights absorb energy from the sun during most of the day and convert it to light energy at night.

To complement the above mentioned strategies, people should also employ earth friendly ways in their everyday living. The three Rs of recycling, reducing, and reusing can greatly decrease the problem of pollution, global warming, and acid rain from use of plastic. Helping save on home resources such as using rain collecting barrels is another way of helping the planet.

Building eco friendly homes inside and outside might be a small step for mankind but this can be of great help to our ailing planet.

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Eco Friendly Homes

Author: Adam C Sorenson
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