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If you have plants and gardens, you know that these will need frequent watering. While using the hose is fine to water your plants, there are some other ways that you can use to get water to those plants in your yard.

This can be beneficial since you aren’t going to have to waste water and will actually save some money.

Some people will install what are called grey water systems in their home. This means separating out water that is lightly used and stored for other purposes. This might be shower run off, dish water, and others in the home that could potentially be used again.

This water can be, in most cases, safely used on plants to keep them growing. These systems can be very simple such as using a bucket to save water to complex systems that are more automatic.

One example would be to use your shower water in the morning. Many will let the water run for awhile so that it will heat up. Capture this water in a bucket so that you can later take it outside and water your plants with it. It’s a way of using the water as opposed to just letting it go down the drain.

Another way of watering your outdoor plants is to start investing in rain barrel systems. What happens with these is that the barrels will capture the rain. This means that at a later date you can use this free water on your plants to water them.

It’s a very simplistic way of saving water. As long as you manage these properly, this is a very good system to look into using.
The idea here is to look for ways of using the same water over again. While water isn’t really a limited resource by any means, if you can cut back on any resource to save energy it can be very beneficial.

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