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The temperature of planet Earth is increasing. According to an estimate, the temperature of Earth may have increased between 2 degrees F and 11.5 degrees F when 21st century comes to a close. This temperature increase is mainly due to two reasons. Natural phenomena such as volcanoes, radiation from the sun, methane release are the first cause and the mistakes committed by people like deforestation, injudicious mining and excessive use of fossil fuels are the second reason for global warming. The natural causes can not be controlled. But, man-made mistakes are continuing unabated and hence are causing alarm.

If man continues to commit these mistakes, a lot of changes will happen in the near future. Firstly, there are a number of plant species that will not be able to tolerate even a slight increase in global temperatures. The reproduction cycle of these plants will be gravely affected and hence these plants may become extinct. Global warming will trigger irregularities in precipitation and even agricultural produce will not be spared from its wrath.

Similarly, there are many animal species that may not bear the effects of global warming. Already many animals have succumbed to the insatiable avarice of man. If man continues the foolish activities of deforestation and burning of fossil fuels, there are chances of these animal species succumbing and becoming extinct.

Global warming threatens the life of humans also. If agricultural produce dwindles, there may be shortage of food grains that are consumed by humans. When animals like cattle suffer, there will not be sufficient milk, meat and other food items. It has been proved that the process of photosynthesis in plants is also affected by global warming. If this is affected, the produce from plants and the meat of animals that eat these plants will not be fit for human consumption.

Another grave danger posed by global warming is that glaciers of mountains are melting and this may lead to sudden inundation of several regions of our planet. Since these floods will be furious and uncontrollable, they can not be used and will ultimately flow into the oceans. Increase in the levels of oceans will devastate many coastal regions and islands. When the cold water from the melting of the glaciers get into warm oceans, there may be climatic changes in the oceans and this may cause hurricanes and cyclonic storms. These natural disasters may again cause immense hardship to people.

The problem is that we are yet to understand the full impact of global warming and are continuing with our foolish activities. Of course, several rounds of discussions among nations have taken place but there is a lot more to be done. Nations must accord top-most priority to this problem and take all possible steps to protect the mankind from the calamities that may be caused by this problem.

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