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Owning a whole house dehumidifier is extremely important when trying to preserve your house. An abundance of humidity can cause more than just foggy windows and a musty smell. High humidity can ruin furniture, caulking/weather stripping to loosen, and at worst… major structural damage.

However, this can all be avoided by using a whole house dehumidifier in your home or business. Dehumidifiers, as the word suggests, dehumidifies that air and restores the environments humidity level to a non-damaging level.

Although there are many different dehumidifiers to choose from, energy star rated dehumidifiers maybe your best choice. On average, energy star dehumidifiers save homeowners $20-$25 per year. Although this may sound like pocket change, realize a typical energy star dehumidifier can cost around around $250-$350. Therefore, the dehumidifier will pay for itself within the first few years of owning it.

In order to make sure you are buying a dehumidifier that best suits you, it is important that you consider the following items:

  1. Sq. Ft. Coverage Needed
  2. Humidistat Control Type
  3. Air Filter Type
  4. Container Size Desired

The items listed above are all important but it is especially important to find a dehumidifier that has the necessary sq. ft. coverage. Failure to do this will result in insufficient humidity control which can lead to the side effects listed above.

Generally speaking, whole house dehumidifiers are easy to operate and maintain. The hardest part is finding the right one. Reading consumer reviews online is a good way to be sure that you are going to purchase the best possible whole house dehumidifier on the market.

If you need help finding the right energy star dehumidifier, be sure to check out a Guide to Dehumidifiers. Remember, before buying any major item, it is best to read a consumer review.

Happy shopping,
Rob Farmer

Author: Rob C. Farmer
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