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You probably know why going green is good for the planet, but did you know that it is good for your small business too? I’ll outline the three major ways that running an environmentally friendly business will translate to a better bottom line.

1.) Ecoefficiency Means Cost Savings The first major change you’ll see when you go green is that your expenses will shrink as your carbon footprint does. A company that has an environmentally aware mindset will use less resources to get the same work done, and that sort of efficiency can slash expenditures. Using compact florescent lightbulbs, for example, will greatly reduce your electric bill. Keeping in mind the toll paper products has on our rainforests will move you to cut down on unnecessary shipping materials, which also means you spend less. The lesson here is that you should use less, for the environment and for your bank account.

2.) Green Pride!

When you nurture a workplace environment that is concerned with the health of its community and the planet, you and your employees know that you are working for something more than just a pay check. That sort of sense of purpose makes the work your employees do feel important, and it is! When people are motivated by socially conscious and just goals, they are going to work harder and be happier while they do it. It has been shown that environmentally benign companies have reduced rates of absenteeism, increased job satisfaction, and commitment to the company’s mission. A proud employee is a productive one!

3.) Customer Good Will

One of the major advantages that very small businesses need to leverage if they want to regain a prominent place in the American marketplace is a sense of belonging to the community. Faceless behemoths like Wal*Mart are disliked by so many is because it is obvious how little they care for the places they operate. You and your business can stand out if you make an effort to make things better, and going green is a vital part of that. When you use recycled materials, call your customers’ attention to it. Promote green discounts for people who bring their own reusable shopping bags. Use locally grown, organic produce (not only are these better for the planet, but they are better for the people eating them too!). The possibilities are endless, so get creative. Go green and your community will thank you with increased business.

Peter Grantaire is a small business owner and blogger who writes about the challenges that small businesses face, as well as the joy of contributing to your community through your work. You can read more of his writing at the Very Small Business Blog.

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