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Global warming is a phenomenon occurring due to increase in temperature of air near earth surface and water bodies caused due to increase in greenhouse gas concentration because of increased human activities such as burning of fossil fuel and deforestation.

Increased human activities have contributed greatly to the rise in earth’s surface temperature as also of the sea level.

It is known that the major cause is the accumulation of green house gases in the atmosphere. Most of the developed countries contribute in increase in green houses gases in the atmosphere. One of the green house gases is carbon dioxide which is mostly emitted by the power plants. Increased construction work has got a big role to play. Lot of fuel needs to be burnt for construction work. Another cause for global warming is deforestation. Human being cut down trees to facilitate in their survival which in turn adds to rise in temperature hence global warming.


Due to rise in temperature, extreme weather changes are occurring in past years like heat waves, deluges, droughts etc. Sea levels have risen which is expected to continue, global temperatures would keep rising as a regular occurrence. Unless some steps are taken to reduce the emission, things would get worse day by day for all living entities. Early signs of warnings for global warming are already being noticed in may parts of the world. The early signs may be as stated below:

– Global warming has increased the average earth surface temperature causing the ice bodies to melt and is the major reason behind the regular floods.
– It has its impact on the animal world too. Some species are on the verge of extinction as they are unable to survive the rapid climate changes.
– There is change in weather cycle too as the summers are getting longer than the winters.
– New diseases are surfacing with the rise in temperature.
– Damages are caused to the yield of crops as temperatures are soaring causing unseasonal rains or droughts.

Stop Global warming

Simple steps may be taken to reduce global warming and its effects. But, first each of us need to understand the importance to fight it.
– Should cut down on use of electrical appliances which cause green house gas emission and use energy efficient ones..
– Plant more trees as trees help to reduce greenhouse gases concentration.
– Encourage the use of green power.
– Consumption of organic food must be encouraged.
– Regular maintenance of vehicles help to reduce pollution of air

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