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This is the continuation to ‘watch your colors! Part 1.’


Here do we find the color that is linked with cleanliness, energy, nature and vitality. Even though every parent knows that after letting their kids go play in the garden or in the park they are going to come back absolutely filthy we forever link nature with that which is ‘clean’.

‘Green energy’, ‘green planet’, ‘living green’, ‘going green’, all of these phrases bring to mind ‘clean’ living when if you were in fact to really ‘live green’ I assure you you’d be ‘ripe’ within a couple of days.

When using this color make sure that you are advertising products that promote health, nature or some holistic method of doing things. Also if you’re advertising an energy drink or some sort of natural extract this is a color to include as for some inexplicable reason if you were to ask someone what color the word ‘zing’ brings to mind it would invariably be green (or orange..But that’s another story).


this is obviously a color that evokes feelings of happiness, children at play, joy, light and all the beautiful things in life. I will not even attempt to explain why sunlight is thought of as yellow when it’s obviously colorless but then again do I need to?

The fact remains this is a color to be used when a sense of fun, playfulness and happiness is to be evoked. What color are the McDonald’s golden arches? Exactly.


i will deal briefly with orange. This color began being used in advertising much later than the others quite simply because it is a bit ambiguous. In essence it should be a mixing of the feelings of happiness/playfulness (yellow) and alertness/danger (red) and here is both the problem with it and why it is being used.

When dealing with individuals who ‘live life on the edge’ then danger is playful which is why you see this color in motocross, super-bikes, energy drinks, ‘suped-up’ cars e.T.C.

These days though it has began creeping into more mainstream advertising. For example look at the new Gillette fusion line, what colors are used? Blue and orange.

Blue is a color that implies calmness/solidity and orange implies being on the edge so what does this fusion of color in the campaign mean? ‘We’re still the same old Gillette (eliciting calmness) but now we’re living on the edge! (Excitement)’

Lastly I’m going to very briefly mention a few uses for some obscure colors though will leave out the reasons for them.

Deep purple implies mystery and mystique. If used in an advert it would be more attractive to older women than any other demographic.

Lilac or light purple is mentally linked with perfumes but it must also be said that it does conjure up visions of linens.

Use cyan when advertising holidays especially to the tropical places.

Silver should be used for tech adverts.

Gold really is a color I wouldn’t advise using unless maybe for Godiva promotions.

In closing I’ll simply say that these are my views and experiences with these colors therefore should be taken as that and not fact.

Get out there, experiment with what there is and who knows maybe you’ll be the one to break a new color in to the advertising world. Chartreuse might be the new staple for road signs thanks to you!

Happy days & better nights friends.

Ricky J. K. Ruto.

Author: Ricky J K Ruto
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