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Global warming is it real? or a lot of hot air, is the Antarctic disappearing from the face of the earth? What can we do, if anything, to help with the damage that has already being done to the planet? Is it too late to do anything anyway? This article will attempt to briefly answer these questions and more.

Here is a news source from Google news. A 5C rise would mean that major cities such as New York, London and Tokyo would be threatened by a rise in sea levels and increases in ocean acidity would severely disrupt marine ecosystems and fisheries. Taken from

There goes the hot air theory out the door, so yes global warming is very real. Probably over time if something is not done now the Antarctic will disappear from the face of the earth. So what can we do now to help with global warming? Here are four tips to get you started.

Although it may take a little more organizing to car pool, it can dramatically cut down on emissions. A city bus can hold as many passengers as 40 cars! And the average seven person van emits almost seven times less pollution than a car with only one commuter.

Opt for re-useable shopping bags. A plastic bag takes an estimated 1,000 years to break down in the landfill. Think about how many you use every time you go grocery shopping. That is a mind boggling amount of waste! Instead, purchase re-useable shopping bags that are made of canvas and take them with you when you shop.

You can reduce global warming by simply taking care of the cooling and heating equipment in your home. You can change filters and have the equipment cleaned. Most importantly of all, when the heater or air-conditioner needs to be replaced, get an efficient model that is big enough for your dwelling.

In fact, it makes sense to buy all your appliances with energy efficiency in mind. Energy Star is a rating system that is reserved for efficient products. Buying such products will help decrease global warming.

A brief summary, it looks like Global warming is not a lot of hot air,and with the rise of a 5C increase in temperature the Antarctic will disappear form the earths surface, and yes you can start today to help minimize global warming.

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