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Everyday, more and more people decide to make an effort to help the environment. This is great news for the planet but often, people give up quite quickly, either because they are confused with so many mixed messages about the environment, or because living green seems like hard work.

But trying to be green and eco friendly shouldn’t be complicated or result in you having to sacrifice your way of life. Being green is all about cutting down on waste and being more efficient with resources. And if you do it right, living in an eco friendly way can also save money.

Here are some areas of our lives where not only can we me more efficient and less wasteful by being green but also save money by switching to eco friendly products or changing the way we do things:


Often the most controversial subjects in the eco friendly debate is the way we get around. There are those that have declared the automobile the number one enemy of the planet and others, no matter how damaging to the environment it is claimed, are unwilling to give up their cars.

But being green doesn’t mean giving up driving and switch to public transport. Often, this can be impractical and in some cases can add a large amount of time to our days in extra commuting. And trying to be green doesn’t mean you have to sell your old car for a more economical model either, something not everybody could afford to do.

But you can reduce the impact of your driving on the environment by simply driving more smoothly, revving the engine less and making sure you are not carrying out unnecessary journeys or carrying unneeded weight. It will help in fuel consumption if your tyres are inflated properly and the vehicle is regularly serviced.

Around the Home

Perhaps the place where we can make most of the difference to the environment is around our homes. This is the one environment where we not only have the most control over but also where we also consume the most energy.

Creating an eco-friendly home doesn’t have to mean buying expensive eco-friendly products to replace your regular appliances or placing expensive solar panels on the roof. Instead by being less wasteful and more efficient huge savings in both energy and money can be made around the home.

The key to saving energy around the home is to identify areas of waste such as draughts, bad insulation, radiators on in empty rooms or by turning off appliances left on standby. There are now even smart energy and electricity monitors that can help you identify areas where energy is being wasted.

Another method of reducing energy consumption is by maximising the potential of current devices. Energy saving light bulbs are an obvious start and as lighting is a main area of consumption real savings can be made when the bills arrive. But the largest area of energy consumption around the home is in keeping us warm.

Central heating is quite an efficient method of heating but there are areas where you can improve it. Bleeding the radiators regularly or fitting radiator reflective foil or panels will help boost the heat output.

For those with an open fire, burning waste like recycled paper is great way of getting rid of rubbish and log makers can help ensure you maximise the fuel by compressing it into slow burning logs.


One are where most people neglect eco friendly ideas is at work. No matter how energy efficient we are at home, many of us leave our green credentials at the door when we turn up for work. However, there are great opportunities with technology and eco-friendly products to help you remain green, even at work.

Email and the internet now mean that paperless offices are commonplace and with more relaxed attitudes to working at home, a office’s carbon footprint can be halved by encouraging more of these practices.

But it need not stop there. Most office managers will be happy to change to energy saving light bulbs if it will save the company money and if you can convince them to use an energy monitor it can be easy to demonstrate the money that can be saved by simply ensuring colleagues power down their computers when not at work.

Richard N Williams is interested in green innovations and writes about them. Please visit our website if you are interested in an electricity monitors or buying eco-friendly products

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