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For an eco-consious bride, you might want to plan an eco-friendly bridal shower for her. It is not that difficult to this type of bridal shower. In fact, using organic items and products to dress up the whole event can be a lot of fun!

The first thing you want to do is to look for the perfect venue. Since it is an eco-friendly themed event, you want to think of a green backdrop with a combination fresh, blooming flowers. You can probably hold it in your garden or backyard. Local parks, vineyard, or even forest and other outdoor venue can make a good venue for such occasion. With these venue ideas, expect that it will going to be a fresh and relaxing bridal shower for the bride-to-be, with lots of greenery and organic ideas to complete the whole eco-friendly affair.

Planning a “Green” bridal shower should involve organic food as well. This is something that you should not miss! If you have a good place that serves organic dishes, then it’s a lot easier for you to plan the whole thing. There are lots of restaurants that serve such food, however tend to be pricey. You can talk to the manager or owner and ask if they give discount for a group of customers.

If it’s going to be a home-based bridal shower, you might want to consider hiring a catering company or pay some people who can cook organic dishes. Don’t forget to look at the options that within your reach, like your mom, grandmother, sister, or cousin. Some of the popular organic foods that you may want to serve at the bridal shower include a french vegetable salad, fruit salad, all-natural chicken, and fresh fruit and homemade crust. Make sure that they are made with organic ingredients and are free from commercialized seasonings.

Having picnic-type party also makes a wonderful idea for an eco-friendly bridal shower. This includes packing organic food into a nice wicker basket. Do not forget to bring blankets, which will replace the chairs. You can have the guests and the bride-to-be cross-sitting on the blankets while enjoying the whole event. This picnic-styled bridal shower is a more relaxing affair that both guests and bride will definitely enjoy.

There are lots of websites these days that offer electronic invites for those who plan an eco-friendly party. E-invites are designed to invite party guests without sending conventional invitations that are made of special paper. You can have friends and family members of the bride invited though these e-invites, which are basically sent to guests’ email addresses.

For the favors, of course they should be as organic as other details as well. You can think of homemade ideas such as homemade organic cookies, honey, or jams. Or if you are good in making homemade candles or soaps, then why not consider them? Another popular organic bridal shower favors are seed packets. You can purchase seeds from a local nursery.

Organizing an eco-friendly shower is an ideal way to also show concern and love to our mother nature. For some more bridal shower ideas, you can simply browse the Internet where you can find endless options when it comes to shower invitations, shower games, shower favors, and a lot more.

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