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If you are interested in going green in your housing and development project, than a Certified Green Agent may be the person you want to consider doing business with. A green agent is a real estate agent with a commitment to building development that works for the good of our environment and who has received green designation training.

In the real estate market, there is more of a demand for green standards to be upheld. More homeowners and developers alike are looking for homes and buildings that are more eco-friendly. To this end, certified green housing typically sells for a higher price and more quickly than non-green-equivalents. A Certified Green Agent works with you to make sure your core values are met for environmental quality.

Many homeowners and builders are seeking property that is more solar powered in order to promote energy conservation. One asset of having a Certified Green Agent is they seek to help you choose alternatives that improve energy efficiency. They can also help you target materials and equipment that operate with solar energy. It is a great benefit to know you are able to make good use of energy, save money and help the environment too.

A green agent also works to help you make use of natural and adaptable materials (recycled or reclaimed) and to minimize the use of toxic materials for your building project. They can also provide guidance on eco-friendly design and potential contacts with other green service providers such as green contractors, green home inspectors, green designers etc.

In addition, they can give you a general overview of the legal terms for building or converting your property as well as help you understand tax benefits, tax responsibilities, and all pros and cons.

If you are concerned about living materials to keep your home or building solar and cost efficient, a specialized agent can be effective. They can point you in the right direction of getting energy efficient appliances, windows, and venting systems. They also provide guides to helping you pick the best solar heating and electricity for your home.

The awareness for being green, conserving the environment, and saving energy is growing. A Certified Green Agent does what s/he can do for you to help uphold the standard of living green.

Linda Liu, MBA is a managing partner at Best Biddy Corporation an Online Home Service Marketplace where professionals bid competitively for consumer at-home service needs.

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