Nov 222010

What happened in New Mexico in 1993 is good enough for anyone to understand how deeply we are affected due to global warming. In the spring of the same year, many people died of an unknown disease that attacked on respiratory system of individuals. As per statistics, 413 people lost their lives in 1993 due to outbreak of an unknown virus. Later on scientists discovered that it was a result of a virus named Hantavirus.

Hantavirus was a result of six consecutive droughts and heavy rains in New Mexico. A sudden climate change in the climate of New Mexico facilitated this virus spread easily throughout the country. Scientists now believe that 1993 epidemic can be considered as instigation of consequences of global warming.

This is good to understand that a warmer climate facilitates many viruses and insects to spread easily. A warmer climate followed by torrential downpours helps insects as well that carry dangerous diseases like dengue and yellow fever. As a proof of this estimation, Africa and South America have reported outbreak of many unknown viruses in the recent past. As per the climate change model, even a small rise in regional temperature helps insects like mosquitoes to carry dengue virus more efficiently.

These are only a few instances to indicate that we need to put our efforts to control global warming immediately. To do so, first we need to understand the whole process as in how many ways we can get affected by global warming and how we can change our lifestyle to control global warming.

I suggest going through some website that can help you in this. I consider Consequences of Global Warming as a good recourse of information to know in details about the consequences of global warming on different countries.

Author: Eshwarya Patel
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