Nov 152010

It is time that we care about Mother Earth. Anything that happens to her, happens to all of us. Nobody is spared. This might be grim but it is the truth. One of the greatest worries of Mother Earth is global warming. Kids are taught about Global Warming in school. It can also be seen at children television shows. Integrated with the show’s theme. Even parks and museums show the devastating effects of global warming, informing not only the kids but the adults too.

Global warming is a large responsibility for one man to carry alone. But if all of us would care enough to change our lifestyles, then it would make a difference. Change it in such a way that our lifestyle will no longer contribute to the rising temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere. We can make it happen. We can make a difference especially if we do it together.

A few of the effects of global warming are the increase in sea levels because of the melting ice over at the Antarctica region, erratic changes in the weather, floods, typhoons, hurricanes, forest fires, etc.

We need to be shaken awake from the deep slumber that we are in because even if we have been informed of the effects and causes of global warming. It would seem that we do not care enough to change our ways. Simple change in our lifestyle is all that would take to gradually decrease global warming. The past is behind us and we can no longer do something about it. The future we can still change. So let us do our part and be responsible not only to ourselves but to others too. This includes not only family and friends but the animals and plants that live with us in our dear planet called Earth.

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