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To create a baby nursery you have to buy a cradle, mattress and sheets at the outset. Then lot of other items like apparel, feeding set, and other cosmetic products follows it. It is worth going for baby products owing to the safety aspect. Ensure while selecting a cradle if the wood and other finishing is completely organic. Insist on buying cradle which is totally free from chemicals and toxins. Select an organic baby bed like Sealy soybean foam-core crib mattress which is safe for your baby’s skin. If you could afford then go for Naturepedic water proof crib pad or Tadpole Company crib sheets. Otherwise, you can make baby sheet on your own by buying some baby fiber and elastic. Always keep three to four crib sheets in hand because your baby always makes messy of the place around. These make great gifts.

A lot of eco friendly gifts are available. Gift kit comes along with baby shampoo, powder, lotion, and baby soap. It has become a recent trend to gift the mother with this compact kit which is truly beneficial. Natural baby skin products do not contain any fragrances, detergents, dyes and other toxins. Look for the laundry detergent that does not remove the flame retardants from your child’s cloth.

Positively organic yoga pants for toddlers, baby soy all natural bodysuit and organic body suit from MooMe Company offers lot of eco friendly baby clothing with different styles and designs. They are purely natural made from organic cotton and your child will love to wear it always.

Eco friendly baby food now comes with organic certification. Give utmost priority while buying eco friendly gifts for your child. Since your baby is feeble and prone to health hazard ensure the product contains no chemicals in the form of added preservatives also. If properly nourished with organic food, clothing, and other essentials you can take for granted that your child will grow into an eco friendly baby.

Rob Rotiwoode is a world-renowned expert on baby products and organic childcare. He has operated in these fields for years and is much-respected. He is also an expert on eco friendly gifts.

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