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A lot of people have watched the Inconvenient truth by “ex next president” Al Gore. There certainly are some facts and photos that make you think, but is global warming really happening the way that Gore describes it? There have been many theories against the usual theory that is leaning on the green house. The theories talk about solar activity and that carbon dioxide is actually rising and falling due to temperatures happening 800 years before. The product that came out of counter theories is The Great Global Warming Swindle a movie that is worth watching, just to see what people that don’t agree with Al Gore think about the movie.

One of the contradictions that is being made in movie is that the usual global warming theory predicts higher increasing of the temperature in the troposphere than on the ground, but the researches (satellite and weather balloon) have shown that this claim is wrong. As mentioned before one of the strongest theory that is proven with graphs is that increases of carbon dioxide are lagged behind the temperature for about 800 years. That means that high percentage of carbon dioxide in the air is actually the consequence of high temperatures in 13th century. In the documentary the scientists are also saying that Carbon dioxide only represents 0.054% of all the gasses in the atmosphere and that humans are only responsible for 1% of those 0.054%, which can’t be enough for global warming. A very strong claim is also that Solar activity is currently at a very high level, and that Solar activity has a big impact on temperature changes, they even backup this saying with a scientist that has earned a lot of money betting on the weather.

There are many theories that talk for and against global warming. Even though global warming might not be caused by carbon dioxide emissions we should still take care of a super high pollution and switch to natural resources.

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