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We all love giving our precious dogs their independence to come and go as they need to and now by installing the new Freedom Pass energy efficient doggie door it will provide both an easy and cost effective way to keep everyone in the family happy. No more getting up in the middle of the night to let your dog out to do their business and no more worrying that you will come home to a doggie accident if you are held up a little longer than expected. The Freedom Pass Eco-friendly door design also puts an end to being invaded by those pesky uninvited bugs. Another key Eco-friendly feature is havingthis type of design that maximizes energy efficiency by preventing the outside draft problems; which can ultimately lead to energy loss resulting in costly energy bills.

The Freedom Pass design offers high energy efficiency with their through-the-wall installation designs; giving an air tight seal with thermal resistance. Their new innovative 3 layer flap design is quieter and easier than traditional pet doors; which provides ease with in and out access. Freedom Pass has designed this Eco-friendly door in several sizes for the safe and easy use by dogs of all sizes and breeds.

Safety is also an important issue when trying to decide which doggie door to choose and the new Eco-friendly Freedom Pass doggie door design has set a new standard when it comes to the safe use by owners and pets. A secure locking panel is included into select designs for the times that you want to lock the doggie door down and you can take comfort in knowing that the door is securely locked shut.

The Freedom Pass door designers paid close attention to pet safety with their no sharp interior design. Their design has no sharp inner components, no sharp inside corners, springs, pins, or mechanical hinges that can harm your pet. This allows for easy and safe in and out access through the door. The Eco-friendly design of these doors are also manufactured using no toxic materials.

Freedom Pass’s new pioneering pet flap design and their energy efficient airtight sealing design has made them the #1 energy efficient pet door brand in the world. Their one inch thickly insulated solid vinyl design system has exceeded the Passive House Air Tightness test by a factor of 3 and can be quickly and easily installed with some construction expertise. The Freedom Pass energy efficient doggie door can easily be installed to compliment any home dcor.

Pet owners and their beloved dogs now have the option of enjoying all the freedoms that come with owning a doggie door; without all the pesky problems. Thanks to Freedom Pass’s new advanced Eco-friendly technology in their doggie door design; which allows for convenience, comfort, security and maximum home energy efficiency; there is now an all around viable doggie door option available.

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