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With more people buying ethically and a greater interest in the way products are made, your wedding list is a great opportunity to bring more eco friendly products into your home. When you’re planning your wedding, why not give your guests the chance to support the environment as well as celebrating your big day?

Eco friendly products have come a long way in recent years, and you can get just as much luxury and style with ethically and environmentally positive products as you can with more traditional goods. Advances in recycling technology along with a greater demand in the market means that there is a wide range of goods available, many of which are perfect for your wedding list, including:

– Soft furnishings
– Jewelery
– Home fragrance
– Crockery and kitchen ware
– Gadgets
– Furniture

The sheer choice of eco friendly products means that you can balance your wedding list so that no matter how much money people have to spend, there’s an appropriate gift for everyone to buy. Whether you are a keen environmentalist, or you’d just rather use more sustainable products in your new married life, you can include eco friendly gifts on your list to help raise awareness of recycling, fair trade and eco issues.

It’s not just standard household gifts that can grab a place on your wedding list; eco friendly products are beautiful in their own right and some fabulous designers are concentrating on producing lighting, floor coverings, wines, stationery and much more. That gives you and your guests the chance to explore exactly what eco products exist in the market and could even encourage more people to buy ethically in the future – which can only be a good thing.

For a fantastic range of elegant, practical and beautiful eco friendly products, visit Diva Stores today. We have a great range of gifts at affordable prices and we’re happy to help you put your list together.

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