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Many marketers today are heeding the call to Go Green Marketing. For some, it is a career shift into specializing in the green marketing niche of their marketing career. Exactly what is green marketing? On several levels, marketing efforts focus on environmentally friendly products, conservation of natural resources, recycling, reusing, and reduction of waste. In Waste Management there is a push for green marketing to influence customers to use recycling bins, and to reduce waste as landfills are bulging at their seams.

Go Green Marketing is the attempt by sales professionals to bring resource conservation into all areas. In the office, recycled paper products are the easiest items to bring into the workplace. Products made from recycled items such as toner cartridge replacements, benches and other furniture products, even cutting down waste in company restrooms and kitchens are examples.

At home, marketers selling green products aim ads at the homemaker, or person who would purchase products, to buy new biodegradable cleaners, environmentally friendly kitchen and bath products, earth friendly organic foods, foods produced under certain environmentally conservative methods, and so on. This is a huge market, and because it usually costs a little more to research, manufacture and sell these green products, marketers will gain some monetary advantage.

For consumers, Go Green Marketing is seen in public service ads, and new product instructions that inform the public on ways to reduce their carbon footprint, or offset it, by being earth friendly, using “green” products, and following conservative ways with natural resources, protecting water and land. Sales messages put forth by green marketers must influence customers to pay a little more, do a little more work (as in recycling sorting and management) and change old habits in order to “live green”, to protect the planet from harmful items being discarded.

In manufacturing, marketing efforts can encourage drastic changes in processes, to create environments that are employee friendly as well as earth friendly. New equipment investment may be necessary to reduce detrimental waste product production, or to change fuels from fossil to energy efficient and environmentally friendly solar, wind, and hybrid powering.

For individual businesses, becoming green, or earth friendly, can be a marketing asset they can play off to obtain positive community image and publicity. For example, a restaurant that installs solar panels to reduce some of their electrical consumption can gain airtime and print publicity, and reach a wide audience for free that should bring in some new customers, even if just the curious. Those who support living green will go out of their way to support business who are green conscious. It reinforces the goodness of their own efforts.

Everyone benefits from Go Green Marketing. It is a timely endeavor, and costs to become environmentally friendly will be coming down in future years, making this marketing effort an even better success. The more businesses that use green products and the more manufacturers who produce green products, the more prices will come down. If demand is there, supply will follow.

Wendy Pan is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about go green marketing [], please visit My Green Living Today [] for current articles and discussions.

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