Nov 102010

It seems that global warming has come out of nowhere. Actually sometimes I think that people actually need to be afraid of something and other people take advantage of that. A lot of people say that’s what the left-wing is all about.

I myself don’t believe that we are causing global warming, for example I read a recent newspaper article on global warming and how the polar ice cap is melting so much that it’s exposing trees that have been in the ice for millions a year.

Now just think about that for a minute “it’s exposing trees that have been locked in the ice for millions of years” this would tend to scare some people which personally I believe it is meant to do.

When I hear the trees are being exposed that have been locked in the ice for millions of years that tells me that the climate in that area at one time was conducive to grow trees in other words it was warm at one time.

I believe that our earth is changing all the time, and it did so long before we were here and it will do so long after we are gone.

Why would someone try to scare us into believing this?

Well first of all I don’t believe it’s someone, I believe its government and to take it one step further I believe it’s left-wing politics! Why do I say this you ask, it’s because left-wing politics is known as the party of doom and gloom.

I could go on and on about this but I am going to stop my prejudiced here and try to figure out why they would do this.

To me it’s just as simple as, create a problem, scare people into believing the problem, make them believe that the right wing is the cause of the problems, or is doing nothing about it.
This is their typical mo. Now did you notice they don’t have an answer? This is also their typical m.o.

Now don’t get me wrong I do believe we have to take care of this lovely Earth and ours, but as long as our beautiful earth revolves around the sun, and our moon continues to revolve around the Earth, and the sun continues to throw out solar flares that can do more damage in five minutes to our ozone layer and then we could do in 10 lifetimes, I will believe this is more conspiracy than it is global warming

Article on global warming can be found on my blog at and is open to discussion I welcome you to come to and say what you believe about global warming

Author: Russell Checchin
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