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Climate change is an absolutely plain expression for a very intricate issue. It is important to understand climate change and global warming and the effects it has on our environment.

What is climate change?

In the present dictionary of scientists, climate change isn’t truly a term of use anymore. The basis for this is that we have realized that the consequence of the changes which we bring in our environment will raise the temperature in various places on earth, but will also calm a few spots. The change in climate is in fact known as global climate change. And this is just what is global warming.

We expect a simpler example for climatic change with respect to global warming, one that gets the idea without excluding the straightforwardness. The easiest and most correct definition is that climate change is the result of accumulation of greenhouse gases on the planet. A few greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide and methane. While this looks like an easier definition, there are a couple of main things to recognize.

Firstly, climatic change effects are mainly due to human beings. Consider another fact, greenhouse gases are a natural component of the biosphere environment and would also persist if there wasn’t any human race. Certainly, human race is an important part to the persistence of life on earth. If greenhouse gases were not present, the temperature of our planet would be in negative. Naturally occurring gases, however, maintain the temperature at livable 59 degrees.

In case the global warming happens naturally, what is the fuss? The issue which we are combating is the amount of greenhouse gases in the air. These gases behave as thermal blankets for the environment. The higher amount of gas in the environment, the thicker the blanket and the lower heat escapes. Since 1930, we have been producing enormous amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Simultaneously, we have been involved into huge deforestation activities on earth. The plants play an important role in sucking the greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. This double activity is gradually heating up the planet which is causing negative results.

The final query with climate change effects is what will ultimately happen if our earth warms up to a great extent. We are already observing indications with the melting of the glaciers. Glacier National Park, for example, is going to be re-titled since 65 percent of all its glaciers have been lost. The accurate verdict of these climate change and global warming is still unclear, but still we can anticipate massive climatic changes over the next 100 years.

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