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Be an environment friendly person, install eco friendly shower curtains. They are available in various materials such as cotton, hemp, fabric and many more. They also come in styles that fit any modern bathroom.

These “green” curtains can be made of recycled or reused materials, thus reducing landfill mess. You can use your curtain with other environment friendly bathroom accessories, such as low-flow shower heads, no or low VOC paints and high efficiency toilets. Check out some on the market today.

Silver Curtain:

This curtain is designed with contemporary silver swirls against a sheer and frosted white background. It is made of lightweight plastic PEVA, a non-vinyl and non-chlorine product that is safe for the environment. You do not need to use a liner with this curtain which comes with 12 reinforced eyelets. To clean, you can hand wash this curtain in warm water using a gentle detergent. Allow it to hang dry. This curtain measures 180cm by 200cm.

Plaisir Shower Curtain:

This azure blue shower curtain is quite fascinating to some people as they see a tinge of purple hue in the flowers and stems in medium tone green against a white background. This curtain requires no use of a liner. It is PVC free, waterproof, non-vinyl and non-toxic which makes it a perfect replacement to your old shower curtain on your stall enclosure, bathtub or spa. It measures 180cm by 200cm..

Lines Shower Curtain:

This curtain with vertical lines against a frosted background is a great fit to any contemporary bathroom. Its fun and interesting design is available in color options of white and pale pink or orange and mimosa. This water repellant curtain is so easy to clean. It comes with 12 reinforced eyelets and made of lightweight plastic PEVA. The available sizes are 70.9 inches by 78.7 inches.

Rigoletto Shower Curtain:

This environment-friendly, non-toxic curtain is designed with curved vertical stripes against a background of frosted white. It is available in butter crme and requires no liner when used. It measures 70. 9 inches by 78.7 inches.

Bardo Shower Curtain:

This shower curtain features attractive block pattern against a frosted white background with red and cranberry red. The curtain is made of waterproof and eco-friendly plastic PEVA which is non-toxic, lightweight and non-vinyl. No liner is required for this shower curtain. Cleaning this curtain is easy-just hand wash it in warm water using a gentle detergent. This curtain is available in red and silver colors. It measures 70.9 inches by 78.7 inches.

Organic Romanian Hemp Shower Curtain:

This 100 percent organic hemp shower curtain is durable and mildew resistant. It is easy to clean and long lasting. Just machine dry this curtain and hang to dry. Prices for this curtain vary depending on options and sizes.

More eco friendly shower curtain styles and designs are available from online retailers like and If you act now, you can get discounted prices for quality products.

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