Oct 262010

There is one very divisive topic that is discussed today. This topic is global warming. There are many people who are both sides of this debate. Generally speaking the discussions over whether man is causing global warming or not come down to personal attacks on how stupid or ignorant both sides are. Much of the environmental discussions today are dominated with global warming. These are actually turning off people to environmentalism. There is a better strategy.

Instead of diving people on something like global warming, sustainability should be the topic that is discussed. The reason is that all of us live in a world where there are limited resources and much of the cheap forms of energy that we have used for years will eventually run out or become more expensive in the coming decades. Being sustainable will allow people to live with the limited resources that are available.

Whether you believe in global warming or not, if society could become more sustainable it would take care of any global warming problems that there are. Instead of turning the topic towards this topic, talk about the benefits.

First of all, having sustainable energy means that when there is an energy crunch in the future, you will have access to local energy without having to rely on sources overseas that may or may not always be there at the current prices.

Sustainable energy is cleaner. While some may debate what the emissions do to the environment, it is known to be a fact that smoggy air isn’t good for the lungs and eventually pollutes the soil and water supplies. These are things that most people actually want to happen.

If you have products and homes made from sustainable sources, they will be easier to repair and find materials for. At some point in time common materials that can’t be replaced will be difficult to find and repair with if resources become more scarce.

Instead of getting into fights about one subject of the environment, consider discussing topics that will be beneficial to everyone.

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Author: Phillip Lewis
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