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You can hardly go anywhere today without hearing or seeing the phrase “GOING GREEN”. In fact, it has become a staple of our everyday vocabulary. Commercials, billboards and company logos promote the phrase. Everything, from the products we buy, or activities such as recycling or reusing products in our homes, businesses, schools and Churches promote the phrase. Even the federal government has mandated that states regulate the green content of the electricity and gas provided by their local utilities. By the year 2020 gas and electric companies must meet Federal Renewable Portfolio Standards – their energy supply must be at least 20% green.

There is great joy and health in living green. Furthermore, each of us has the responsibility to live green and preserve this planet for generations to come. The joy of living green is deeply rooted in the Bible. The Garden of Eden, the place God specifically prepared for Adam and Eve, was pure. God required of Adam from the start, to tend to all He had created. Life in the Garden reveals the essential purpose of mankind – to protect all that God created. Adam purpose was twofold. The first was to nurture or cultivate the Garden; tending to the things God created. And secondly, Adam was to guard or protect the Garden. The idea is that Adam was to be in charge of God’s creation.

Since God’s purpose was attached to Adam’s responsibility and ability to honor God, joy should have been evident in his work for God. The same is true of us today. Our reasonable expectation is to honor God with joy by protecting that which is placed in our care – planet earth.

Our world has untold natural beauty that is wondrous to behold. Breath taking landscapes abound. Lovable animals are everywhere. Dynamic waterfalls and canyons are heart stopping. These are nothing short of miracles. Even if you cannot see them physically, there are books, the internet and even TV shows that will reveal the beauty of this world to you. Take some time to appreciate the beauty, magnificence and splendor of God’s Creation. This in itself will give you motivation to do all that you can to protect and preserve this planet.

Unfortunately, many people do not always appreciate or care for all of Creation in a healthy and respectful way – the way God intended. Exhaust from so many motor vehicles raise concerns for clean air. The burning of fossil fuels to produce energy creates green house gases and cause concern for the ozone layer and global warming. The destruction of natural marsh lands and rain forests threaten the very lives of indigenous peoples, animals and vegetation throughout the world. The good thing is that we have begun to see protests against these practices.

Regardless as to where we live in this world, each of us has the ultimate responsibility to protect that which God has entrusted to our care – all of His Creation. We must show care and concern for our homes, neighborhoods and global community as a whole. This ensures that everyone will have a chance to experience life in the manner God intended. We must maximize every chance we get to show that we will do everything within our power to protect the environment as well as demonstrate our care and concern for each other. Not only is it our responsibility, it is Biblical and we must live it!

I am a strong proponent for the green movement. It is my contention that if we put major efforts toward saving this planet and improving our own personal health, we will create wealth beyond our wildest imagination. More importantly, we’ll leave behind a healthy planet for our most vital resource – OUR CHILDREN. To see how you can play vital role in going green and make money in the process, please visit: http://www.makemoneyfromhomeworkbasedjobs.biz.

Author: Otis Brown
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