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The mere idea of green construction, much less the practical application of the philosophy is fairly new. The field is evolving quickly which means periodicals are a good way to keep up with it.

The green construction movement has become well established in the United States and Europe. One sign of this growth is the number of magazines that are devoted to the subject. One such magazine is “Green Source – The Magazine of Sustainable Design.” The new magazine is a product of McGraw-Hill Construction and is targeted to the over 40,000 architects, interior designers, building owners, and members of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Environmental Design + Construction is another magazine that is directed toward architects and designers and that addresses green construction issues. There are articles concerning research issues and current design trends. There are reviews of various products. You can find out about the latest environmental issues that impact green construction.

Green construction is certainly a modern concept. This is reflected in the large number of online magazines and newsletters that are devoted to it. EcoIq is one of these. It is an online journal that claims to be dedicated to “a future that works.” Environmental Building News is a monthly news letter that gives “unbiased” information on green construction. You can check them all out to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field.

There are two very popular green construction magazines published in Canada. Green Living is dedicated to the lifestyle. It is aimed more at consumers than at the builders and designers. It gives information on all of the environmental choices that we are going to be facing in the future. Healthy Living is the other magazine and it is from the same publisher and stresses the healthy aspects of green construction. In keeping with the totality concept of the green lifestyle even the pages of these magazines are made from glossy tree friendly paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

These are just some of the periodicals and online publications that are being produced to capitalize on the popularity of green construction. The issues that are raised in these periodicals are of great concern to a wide variety of readers. Builders and designers are kept informed of the newest trends and research, as well as the newest environmentally sound products. The consumer is able to follow this information also, but can take it further. They are able to learn of how these environmental concerns influence the health and well being of their families. Although none of the periodicals have made it into the very top tier of magazines, the day is coming when one of them will move into the best seller list. Green construction is still a rising star on the horizon of the American landscape, and before long a magazine will come along to catch the imagination of the public.

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