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The “science guy” you know the one, he has a degree is science; recently announced (1) on the cable news station that hardly anyone watches, that the recent cold weather is an aberration to the continued warming of the world. This monster storm pounding the East coast into submission is simply a burp, a weird thing… in other words friends, close your eyes… don’t listen “to the man behind the curtain” you simply need to believe in the “science.” Ignore what you see and feel, you need to have faith and continue to believe in the hoax because if you don’t; well you know you are simply too “square.” (My word, editorial license alert!) Since I am one of those strange unbelievers, I can say unequivocally, “we have heard this all before, in fact many times before.”

He also stated that it is “unpatriotic,” “old” people who don’t accept the global warming hoax. They don’t accept the “science” of global warming.

Well yeah! us old fogies have eyes in our heads and not only that we have… memories! Why are the young people so easily convinced to believe in this global warming hoax? It is because they don’t have what us old fogies have… memories! Or in the words of real science, we have empirical data. We lived in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s; hey and guess what we are still here!

Funny how the “science guy” seems to only believe the “science.” That same science that is being debunked with each announcement of fudged data and hidden emails. That same “science” that has been crammed into the heads of the youth for the past 15 – 20 years. So logically (science word alert) why again are the young, the ones who are easily accepting of the global warming hoax? Because that is all they have been taught. That is all they know.

The old fogies… what have we been taught? We were taught in our youth that we were heading into the next ice age… then we were taught we were heading into the next solar flare and ultimate incineration and then we were taught we were heading into the next ice age… Us old fogies, “unpatriotic” and all, have seen this before. Once fooled shame on me, twice fooled shame on you “science guy!”

We have seen this before. We know because we have felt it get warm in the summer and then felt it get cold in the winter. We know that it rains in Oregon and Washington. We know that it snows in Montana. We also know that trees love carbon dioxide and in return they give us oxygen. Many of us actually believe that someone smarter than all of us created this earth and knows what He is doing with it.

So who are the unpatriotic ones, those of us who have seen enough to know that a “crisis” always seems to precede the next federal budgeting cycle; or, those who seem to cry wolf and cry the sky is falling whenever they have their own agenda to push and fund. (That would be the “evil” corporations making money off of their newly created “green industry” or another one of those government bureacracies looking for a way to justify its existance.)

I really liked that “Science Guy” too. Now, he appears to have become just one more puppet of the vast “media-green-industrial” complex. Let it snow baby, we are loving this global warming gig.

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1) Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” who appeared on MSNBC’s Feb. 10 “Rachel Maddow Show” and aired his disapproval of manmade climate change skeptics and labeled them “unpatriotic.”

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