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When people discuss energy savings and a way to reduce their electric bills during the heat of the summer there are several strategies that are usually mentioned. A few of the more popular beliefs are to run air conditioning during daylight hours then open windows throughout the evening, while others are in favor of setting their thermostats a few degrees higher than normal and keeping the home at a constant temperature so the compressor does not run as often. Even more will tell you that investing in a programmable thermostat is the best way to experience energy savings within a cool home, and although all three of these tactics will help save a little bit of cash over the summer the actual biggest money saver of them all is hardly ever mentioned.

The most cost effective way to cool your home throughout the summer is by utilizing energy efficient ceiling fans throughout every room within your residence. While these units do not necessarily cool or remove humidity, by keeping the air currents within the room constantly circulating it will give the feel of an air conditioner. Since warm air naturally rises, as long as your ceiling fan is spinning counter clockwise all of the heat will be trapped up near the ceiling and the cool air will be allowed to circulate freely, which means your air conditioning unit will have to work much less to achieve the same results it normally does. As the sun sets the cool air moving throughout your residence will continue to keep you comfortable even with the air turned off, so the combined savings can be dramatic when everything is taken into consideration. During the winter the same technology can be applied backwards, and by reversing the motor on your ceiling fans warm air will be forced downwards to provide comfort through the room.

The even more impressive news is that the newer Energy Star ceiling fans are so efficient that they require less power than what a standard 150 light bulb would drain. Bellacor, the authority in energy efficient products available for residential consumers, has some of these new models so reasonably priced that is it possible to place one in every room throughout the home, and since they also produce an average of 20% more circulation when compared to conventional ceiling fans your air conditioning will hardly ever be required during the spring and fall seasons. With only running the air for a few months during the hottest hours of the day in June and July, these models can save consumers hundreds or even thousands of dollars off their annual utility bills without sacrificing comfort or a decent night’s rest.

So the next time the great debate over how to save money during the summer comes up, hopefully you can now share the correct answer. Throw away those old power draining box fans, turn the thermostat up several degrees, and prepare to open the windows for several months out of the year to let the great outdoors flow through your home and keep everyone comfortable. Energy Star ceiling fans are definitely the way to go when it comes to saving money, and once their technology becomes more popular everyone will eventually make the necessary conversion to them.

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